Ruby on Rails Outreach Workshop for Women, Students, and their Friends.

This FREE workshop is brought to you by volunteers from The Ruby Friends User Group. Railsbridge PC is made possible by our generous sponsors and supporters: Hashrocket, Stickermule, iSirona, and PureCharity. Our goal is to reach out to women, code novices, career changers, and high school students who are new to HTML, CSS, Javascript, Ruby and Rails and want to learn more about programming for web applications. The curriculum was created by RailsBridge.

Women are encouraged to apply regardless of your experience level. High schoolers 16 and above are invited to attend as well. Men are welcome too (please see the details in the description for attending as a guest of a registrant)


  • Installfest: Jan 10th 5pm-7pm (may end later depending on machine setup)
  • Workshop: Jan 11th 9am-4pm (*may end earlier depending on track completed)
  • After Workshop Dinner / Q&A optional


  • Bland Conference Center at FSU Panama City Campus
  • Link to Google Map (it's next to the Hollie Center at FSU PC.
  • Lost? Confused? Call Beverly @ 850 387 4380


What to bring:

  • A modern laptop
  • Your smiling face


This workshop is intended to reach out to women, high school students, or beginners at any age, who are new to Ruby and Rails and want to learn more about programming for web applications. Men are welcome to attend along with a woman or high school student who wants to learn Ruby on Rails. Students under 16 are welcome but will need to have a parent or guardian register them and attend.

In this workshop, we'll take you through building a complete web application using Ruby on Rails. By the end of the workshop, you'll have an application on the internet that connects to a database and reads and writes information. We'll meet up Friday night to install all of the software you need, and then spend workshop day learning and writing code.

Total programming novices, system administrators, developers in other languages, and folks who attended our previous workshops are all welcome. We'll have different classes separated by experience level. Each participant needs to bring his or her own computer.

When you RSVP you'll be asked a few question about your operating system, level and type of programming experience, and whether you will require childcare. Childcare and private space for nursing or pumping is available -- just let us know.

(Sometimes people ask if the Friday night installfest is mandatory, and yes, it is! It's a crucial part of the weekend, even if you’ve already gone through the instructions independently. There are a ton of moving parts when setting up a development environment, and the reason that we’re able to get through the curriculum on Saturday is that every single student has had their dev environment checked and has been awarded a sticker for their successes. There are also enough changing parts that even if you’ve been to a workshop in the past, you should attend the Installfest to get re-verified, because this stuff changes almost constantly.)

We love having additional volunteers, both folks who know Ruby on Rails to TA and people who are willing to help with logistics. If you have questions or ideas for us, the best way to get in touch is to contact the organizer.

Thanks to our Sponsors & Supporters:

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